ColorValet Print vs ColorValet Pro

ColorValet Print is a single-profile service that uses our free ColorValet Client software, costs $99 for one profile, is 100% guaranteed and includes telephone technical support.

ColorValet Pro is a per-printer service that allows unlimited profiling over an 18 month period (which can be extended) for a flat rate. It has a limited guarantee and includes email and forum support only. For full details, see the table below:

ColorValet PrintColorValet Pro
Single profile for $99 Unlimited profiles for one printer for $199 (over 18 months)
100% guarantee Limited guarantee
Telephone, email & forum support Email & forum support
Uses ColorValet Client software Uses Maxwell Client software and Maxwell online system
Licensed for private use Licensed for private use, shared into ColorPool with CV Pros having same printer (& theirs to you)
Normal and "Deep Color" measurements included.
Transmissive measurements available for additional fee.
All measurements performed on iSis system.
"Deep Color" and Tx measurements available for addition fee (per profile).