C4 OneRun

One-Run Hybrid Target Function

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  • enabled with Calibrate license
  • available within Curve4's Calibration Tool for any selected calibration.

One Target. OneRun.

OneRun target combines P2P and profiling targets into one; saving press sheet room and aiding G7 calibration of smaller presses.

The OneRun target, in combination with Curve4's VPR (Virtual Press Run) module, makes it possible to calibrate a press to G7 using multiple papers, and make profiles for the press - all in one run.

The beauty here is that you only have to print one target, on one press run to do all this. Press calibration and profiling can't get much easier than this!

Here's how it works: To save on space, time and reduce measurement error, we've created new, hybrid targets that combine the P2P target with IT8 and other profiling targets. Redundant patches have been removed and the resulting target is smaller and easier to place on a variety of printing forms.

Your measurements of this single target, printed on all your papers, are fed into Curve4. The software extracts the individual targets from the OneRun target using the P2P patches for curve calculation and the IT8 patches for VPR curving.

All of your papers + one target = OneRun.

Other OneRun targets incorporating alternate profiling targets are also available. Contact support (at) chromix.com for more information.