C4 Maxwell

Maxwell Integration

Maxwell Logo

Curve4 includes direct Maxwell support* so Maxwell users can easily access their measurements from the leading cloud-based color monitoring system.

Included with VERIFY, CALIBRATE and BLEND Tools

Integrated directly into all 3 tools for quick download access

Just click the Maxwell logo and you can choose any measurement from Maxwell. One click, and the measurement is automatically downloaded into your Curve4 document and added to the Measurements list.

You can download single measurements, a selected group of measurements or the "last x measurements", allowing for a rapid color snapshot of recent behavior. Curve4 will automatically average multiple measurements together to give you smoother results.

Any Maxwell measurement can be downloaded directly into the desired Curve4 tool and used for verification, calibration or blending.

Blend Upload

If you've licensed the Blend Tool, your smoothed, averaged and curved blend can easily be uploaded to the Maxwell Track of your choice. It's a great way to create reference-quality Color Aims for your production monitoring in Maxwell.

*Requires active Maxwell account and measurement / verification services