C4 BlenderTool


(available with the Complete license level)
Blend Tool

The BLEND tool is a group of functions to combine, massage and process color measurements so you can build the best ICC profiles possible (among other things).

Features include:

White Point Adaptation
Alter the white point of your measurements using SCCA-like calculations.
Smoothing & Smart Averaging
The same technology that powers Curve's VPR function can be applied to spectral measurement data. This multi-dimensional smoothing function is a very effective method of improving measurements by minimizing measurement noise and other sources of error that lower ICC profile quality. BLEND also provides multiple methods of averaging different measurements together - mean, median, and weighted mean.
Apply Curves
Curves created in the CALIBRATE Tool can be applied to measurement sets for Virtual Press Run (VPR) simulation. This function is also available in the CALIBRATE Tool itself.