ColorValet Press Profiling

Price: $299 (bundles and frequent-buyer discounts available)

ColorValet Press Profiling
is great for:
ColorValet Press Profiles

  • proofing - nothing can proof like a profile built on the actual press and paper.
  • separating make great CMYK for your printing process. Essential if your process differs from stock profiles.
  • gamut evaluation finally KNOW the actual press gamut.
  • print processes supported
    • Offset Litho
    • Sheetfed or Web
    • Gravure
    • Screen Printing (many)
    • Flexography (many)

  • 100% money-back guarantee. Your judgement, your call.
  • High-quality ICC Color Profiles (CMYK) built from multiple, averaged targets.
  • Multiple profiles with your choices of black generation and ink coverage.
  • CHROMiX Color Management Field Guide (PDF) - quick guide to using profiles in Photoshop™
  • 60 days email technical support
  • measurement files (optional)
  • hosting in your Maxwell account (coming soon)