ColorValet Custom Print Profiles

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ColorValet Print Profile: $99.00
ColorValet Print 5-pack: $495.00 $396.00
ColorValet Print 10-pack: $990.00 $699.00

The CHROMiX ColorValet custom profiling service leads the industry in ease, quality, experience and CHROMiX 100% guarantee.

The ColorValet Print Profile is ideal for inkjets, laser printers, film-proof, digital photo printers and other single-page output processes. This applies to either RGB or CMYK profiles.

ColorValet profiles can be purchased at the time of production but now you can take advantage of great savings when you buy 5 or 10 packs of profiles prepaid.

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase a 5 or 10 pack through ColorGear or one of our dealers or partners
  • You will be issued 5 or 10 ColorValet Print Profile coupon codes
  • Send in a code with each profile target

    It's that simple!

    A few important points:

    • All coupon codes must be used within 12 months of the purchase date. They expire after one year has past.
    • The ColorValet 100% guarantee still applies to each profile made.
    • If, as part of the 100% guarantee, a partial refund of your original purchase is required, the next lower profile pricing will apply to the accepted profiles. (for instance 6 profiles from a 10 pack would be priced at the 5-pack + single profile rate)

    For complete details about the ColorValet Print Profile service including the links for downloading the ColorValet Kit, please follow the link below to the ColorValet Product Pages.

    ColorValet Product Pages

  • For more information or to talk with a CHROMiX sales expert:
    • Phone: (206) 985-6837 ext#1, or
    • Email: Sales//chromix//com.