Curve+ The G7+ Calibration Tool

top selling upgrade available
Curve+ Verify: $499.00
Curve+ Verify Xplat: $749.00
Curve+ Calibrate (includes Curve+ VERIFY & CALIBRATE tools): $1999.00
Curve+ Calibrate X-Platform (Incl Curve+ VERIFY & CALIBRATE tools for Mac + Win): $2666.00
Curve+ Complete Bundle (incl Curve+ VERIFY, CALIBRATE and BLEND tools): $3749.00
Curve+ Complete X-Platform (incl Curve+ VERIFY, CALIBRATE and BLEND tools for Mac + Win): $5323.00

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Note: iT8 user? ONLY Curve+ Complete version can generate G7 and G7+ curves from an iT8. Curve+ Calibrate requires a P2P target to generate G7/+ curves.

The visual grid below illustrates the functional differences available with each license level.

License Level
Tools / Features   Verify Calibrate Complete
Direct-Drive Measuring
File Handling
Maxwell Integration
download Maxwell colorSets
upload into Maxwell Track
Verification functions
G7 Grayscale/Targeted/ColorSpace verification
*G7+ Grayscale/Targeted/ColorSpace verification
Proof Pass/Fail verification
Report for print / PDF export
Import custom color aim (TC1617 patches)
Accept ICC profile as measurement
Accept ICC profile as color aim
quick-edit of Reference parameters
*New Calculator Tool
Quick calculation of G7+ and G7 printing aims
Manual number entry free in demo mode
From measurement or file
From ICC profile
Calibration functions
G7 Calibration
*G7+ Calibration
TVI Calibration
SCTV Calibration
PressSync curves in/out
Multi-dimensional data smoothing
Report for print / PDF export
Ink Restriction Function
Mini-P2P targets (as few as 96 patches)
P2P-less calibration (IT8s, etc)
reCal minimal recalibration
VPR - Virtual Press Run
*Apply curves to ICC profile
Blend functions
Combine patch sets
Average (mean, median, weighted)
Apply Curves (VPR)
White Point Mapping
Black Point Mapping
Target subsetting
Target regeneration
* features new to Curve+

Please NOTE that P2P-less, reCal and VPR tools all associate as Calibrate-tool functions in the Grid above,
however, all require a Curve+ Complete license to fully function.


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