CoPrA 10 profiling software, by ColorLogic

CoPrA 10.x Basic package: RGB, Gray, CMYK printer profile presets (only) + RGB, CMYK, Gray, CMY File conversion + Reprofiler profiles (RGB/CMYK) with presets + ProfileManager PDF & Report: $990.00
CoPrA 10.x M package: adds CMY, CMYK printer profile creation + ColorAnt M to Basic package: $1750.00
CoPrA 10.x L package: adds RGB, Gray, LAB, CMY, CMYK DeviceLink profile creation by editing and ICC source to M package. Includes ColorAnt M.: $5200.00
CoPrA 10.x XL package: adds SaveInk to L package (above). Includes ColorAnt M.: $7800.00
CoPrA 10.x XXL package: adds MultiColor and ColorAnt L to XL package. Includes ColorAnt L.: $10400.00

Make SUPERIOR profiles with new CoPrA 10 !

CoPrA 10 brings overall new capabilities and enhancements to the features used every day. Major features include:

  • New Channel Settings for automatic and user-defined channel definition
  • New G7 Correction in ICC profile and Apply G7 properties to DeviceLink Profile
  • Updated information for DeviceLink conversion and editing
  • New Zoom function in Image Conversion preview
  • G7 Evaluation in Linearization Profile Report
  • Create different Multicolor Profile Variants in Profile Manager
  • Many more improvements

See all of the latest Updates and Features of CoPrA 10 in DETAIL

Or, check out this Video of CoPrA 10 New features


Do you want a Demo Trial version?

  • When you have a username, request a demo license and designate CHROMiX as your reseller
  • ColorLogic/CHROMiX will send you a temp license and instructions
  • Then download the latest Installer for Mac or Windows at below links.

Mac: Mac version

Win: Win version


SMA Note: CHROMiX strongly suggests purchasing the ColorLogic Software Maintenance Contract at the time of your initial purchase. The price is 20% of MSRP. The SMA will allow free upgrades to any version during a current contract. Otherwise, upgrades are not free and will have a cost associated


Printer Profiling

CoPrA will profile the following color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK or Multicolor. Some CoPrA advanced options for profile creation include the ability to adapt a profile to viewing conditions, compensate for optical brightener and the ability to set a highlight starting point. The different modes for controlling the black channel permits specific control of the separation characteristics.

DeviceLink Profiles

CoPrA can create DeviceLink profiles for all combinations of color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMYK, Multicolor. The most important applications are CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK and CMYK-to-Multicolor.

DeviceLink Editing

One of the most powerful features of CoPrA is creating DeviceLink profiles with the DeviceLink Editing module in L package. Simply open one of the supplied CoPrA Edit Charts (for CMYK, RGB or Grayscale) that are installed with CoPrA in an image editing program which have the tools to apply (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) the color corrections required.

SaveInk Profiles

By optimizing the black composition of the data, SaveInk DeviceLink profiles make it possible to reduce the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow used - without any loss of quality and control the amount of TAC (total area coverage) reduction. Applying this function to a moderate degree enhances the stability of the printing process, while use of a stronger level saves even more ink.

Profile Manager

The unique ability of Profile Manager to display all types of profiles, (including DeviceLink and Multicolor Profiles) is a powerful tool for everyday color management. Profile Manager includes 5 different tabs (General, Curves, Gamut, Colorants, Workflow) or verify and check the quality of a profile by means of a profile report.

Image Conversion

The Image Conversion tool gives the user the ability to convert PSD, TIFF and JPEG files with the help of ICC device profiles and DeviceLink profiles. This function is very useful for checking the profile quality on images, since typical application programs often do not support all types of DeviceLink (i.e. RGB to CMYK) or multicolor profiles.

Easy-to-Use Interface

ColorLogic's CoPrA, color profile creation is not extraordinarily complicated. To get started in generating a ICC profiles, DeviceLink profiles, editing of an existing DeviceLink profiles, or SaveInk profiles, simply click on the icon and CoPrA will walk you through the steps to create high quality profiles for production.

Workstation System Requirements

  • Mac
    • macOS® X, macOS® X Server Version 10.95 or higher (Intel only)
    • macOS: CoPrA, ColorAnt and ZePrA are running in 64 Bit mode, with Measure Tool running in 32 Bit mode (Windows)
  • Win
    • Windows® 10 (Home, Pro or Enterprise)
    • Windows® 8 (Core, Pro or Enterprise)
    • Windows® 7 (Home Basic or Premium, Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise)
    • Windows® XP SP3 (Home or Enterprise)
    • Windows: ZePrA is running in 64 Bit mode, CoPrA, ColorAnt and Measure Tool are running in 32 Bit mode

    Server System Requirements

    • Windows® Server 2016
    • Windows® Server 2012
    • Windows® Server 2012 R2
    • Windows® Server 2008
    • Windows® Server 2008 R2
    • Windows® Server 2003 (Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter)

    Recommended Hardware

    • Minimum Dual Core Processor (Quad Core or more recommended)
    • Minimum 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
    • Minimum 1024 × 768 resolution (1280 × 1024 or higher recommended)

    Whats Included:

    • CoPrA, hardware key (dongle) or Computer based license, ColorAnt M or L (with M, L, XL, XXL packages)


    For more information, contact CHROMiX Sales at:

    • Phone: 206-985-6837 Ext 1
    • Email: Sales//chromix//com

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
CoPrA 10 Basic 1 Year SMA (Software Maintenance Contract): $198.00
CoPrA 10 M 1 Year SMA (Software Maintenance Contract): $350.00
CoPrA 10 L 1 Year SMA (Software Maintenance Contract): $1040.00
CoPrA 10 XL 1 Year SMA (Software Maintenance Contract): $1560.00
CoPrA 10 XXL 1 Year SMA (Software Maintenance Contract): $2080.00