ColorValet Pro - unlimited RGB printer profiles

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Unlimited RGB profiles for 1 printer for 18 months: $199.00 $179.00
Deep Color measurement add-on: $99.00 $29.00

ColorValet Pro, a new custom profiling service.

* For full details, see the ColorValet Pro section of our website.

This is a limited time pricing offer for ColorValet Pro which will go up to $199.

After checkout, you will receive an order confirmation and then be issued a ColorValet Pro activation code. Retain this code to Activate ColorValet Pro for your printer in the Maxwell Client software you download and run on your computer. After activation, you can generate new profiles and print test targets for CHROMiX to measure. Completed profiles will be available within Maxwell or you can have Maxwell download and install them automatically.

All ColorValet Pro profiles are licensed for personal use on a single printer only. ColorValet Pro profiles are shared automatically to other ColorValet Pro users who have the same printer model. Please see the ColorValet Pro licensing and use agreement when you activate your printer. This service is for RGB controlled printers and includes:

  • Unlimited ICC profile measurement and generation
  • Email & forum technical support
  • Service is for 18 months, renewable thereafter
  • Discounts will be available for additional printers

Specialty Feature: Deep Color Measurement Option

ColorValet Pro subscribers are eligible for a significant discount for 'Deep Color' measurement service to be added onto your ColorValet Pro service. Normal price is $99 each, your price is $29

If you are detecting a loss of shadow detail on especially matte or canvas finishes, consider using our top level print profiling service called ColorValet Print . A ColorValet Print profile is manually processed with a slower instrument with versatile measurement options. One of these measurement functions tends to draw all the shadow detail that is possible to achieve in a profile.

For Deep Color measurements:

  • The cost is $29.00 extra per profile ordered.
  • This price is only available to current ColorValet Pro customers.

For more information or to talk with a CHROMiX sales expert:
  • Phone: (206) 985-6837 ext#1, or
  • Email: Sales//chromix//com.