Maxwell ProofWatch

Maxwell ProofWatch Tracks, 10-pack per month subscription: $49.00

Maxwell Tracks are the low-cost way to get a handle on your color proofing systems' behavior with a minimum of effort.

Easily perform verifications to any GRACoL or any in-house or industry standard reference, and then print your own customized Pass/Fail label that includes your logo.

You can be notified immediately if any measurement ever falls outside your tolerances (or doesn't arrive often enough). Maxwell's Notifiers watch and can report on all data arriving.

Take a long-term perspective of your proofing device with in-line Trend Analysis, Summary Reports and other powerful reporting.

A fundamental concept in Maxwell is called a 'Track'. A Track is where your measurement data resides in chronological order. A Track is also a key element for interacting with most other Maxwell functionalities.

ProofWatch Tracks are supplied in packs of 10, and are priced per month of subscription service. Maxwell can also be purchased Quarterly or Yearly.

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