ColorThink Pro 3

top selling upgrade available
ColorThink Pro Mac: $399.00
ColorThink Pro Mac + ColorCast: $549.00
ColorThink Pro Win: $399.00
ColorThink Pro Win + ColorCast: $549.00
ColorThink Pro X-Platform Pack: $529.00
ColorThink Pro X-Platform Pack + ColorCast: $729.00

ColorThink Pro v3

Considered the top profile analysis and visualization tool in the world

Upgrades are available from ColorThink 2.x
starting from $249. Please follow this link to determine your upgrade options and cost.

The ColorThink X-Platform Pack is a specially-priced bundle for the SINGLE USER who needs to run their copy of ColorThink on a Mac and a Windows system. A common example is a Mac Powerbook and a Windows desktop. The ColorThink Pro serial number in a X-Platform Pack is issued for ONE USERNAME ONLY and is licensed for use by one user only.


Add valuable ColorThink Pro v3 YouTube training for an extra $79 at time of purchase (and save $50), or for $129 anytime after your purchase.

This Pre-Recorded Webinar Training class is divided into three YouTube sessions. Taught by Steve Upton, creator and developer of ColorThink Pro, the first half covers fundamental and intermediate use, and touch on some advanced concepts. The later session focuses on advanced concepts and then questions from an audience for a total of almost 2 hours of in-depth ColorThink training. You must register for a free YouTube account to receive the authorization. Once you have access, you can view these whenever you want for 30 days.


ColorThink Pro adds major features to the award-winning ColorThink software toolset. While most tools have been updated and enhanced, the biggest changes are the Color Worksheet, the ColorSmarts Guide and in the Graphing and Profile Inspector tools.

Even with the addition of over 100 new features there are FEWER tools due to the revolutionary design of the Color Worksheet. The Worksheet simplifies image, color and profile evaluation while doing away with the profile linker and image inspector.For what's new, see the Feature Comparison sheet.

  • New underlying architecture allows integration across tools, supports up to 10- channel profiles everywhere!
  • Graphs have more detail, automation & features. Can be saved as images or movies
  • ProfileInspector adds gamut volume, inking statistics, dot gain and the best curve analysis
  • New Color Worksheet opens a whole new world of learning and analysis. Models entire workflow to isolate color issues.
  • ColorSmarts Guide acts as your color consultant; performing tests and automating tasks
  • Powerful profile linking. Create device-link and abstract profiles from ANY multi-profile combination. Includes clean-black links
  • Revolutionary ColorCast technology modifies existing profiles to have powerful built-in proofing capabilities. Overcome Photoshop limitations for proofing up to 10 channels!

Visit the ColorThink Pro product area for full details.

Download the ColorThink Pro PDF brochure.


Upgrade and Crossgrade Notes:

If you are upgrading from version 1.x, you must first upgrade to version 2 at the ColorThink v2 upgrade area, and only then upgrade to ColorThink Pro with the automated process provided. With version ColorThink v1.x, please enter your previous serial number (or order information) in the "Comments" section of the shopping cart as you order. The automated upgrading process is not available for version 1.x

Upgrading any serial number to a higher version or different product retires the original serial number. For instance, upgrading from ColorThink v2.3 (Mac) to ColorThink Pro v3 (Windows) will give you a valid ColorThink Pro v3 (Windows) serial number and retires your ColorThink v2.3 (Mac) serial number. A retired serial number can still be used with it's version of the software but it is no longer available for upgrades.

  • If Upgrading 'up' to a different higher level, your original serial number is retired and is ineligible for future upgrading.
  • If Crossgrading to same-level, different platform, your original serial number is retired and is ineligible for future upgrading.
  • If Upgrading to same-level, different platform, your original serial number remains active.
  • If Upgrading with Add-on modules, your existing serial number remains active.

    Changing platforms while upgrading versions is allowed.

    For more information or to talk with a CHROMiX sales expert:
    • Phone: (206) 985-6837 ext#1, or
    • Email: Sales//chromix//com.

  • Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
    ColorThink Pro ColorCast Module: $199.00
    ColorThink Pro v3 YouTube Training - At Sale Bundle: $99.00 $79.00
    ColorThink Pro v3 YouTube Training - After Purchase: $149.00 $129.00