ColorThink 2.0 Announcement

April 9, 2001: Seybold Seminars, Boston.

CHROMiX today announced ColorThink 2.0, an upgrade to its popular color management toolset. ColorThink 2.0 combines powerful new graphing and ICC profile management capabilities with Mac OS X compatibility.

New features include:

  • Carbon compatibility to take advantage of new Mac OS X features
  • Integration of 3D graphing with OpenGL technology
  • Integration of advanced network-wide and worldwide profile management using

OpenGL-based Graphing :

New OpenGL integration provides fast, beautiful 3D graphs of profiles and other color data. All colors are rendered accurately to screen so users can see the colors of their printer's gamut as well as the shape. OpenGL allows for wireframe, shaded objects, and advanced capabilities such as gamut overlay, transparency and an innovative 3D slicer for detailed profile analysis. Graphing of Hexachrome(tm) profiles is also supported in this version.

Profile Management :

Workgroup-Wide Profile Management

ColorThink 2.0 allows workgroup administrators to setup a "share point" on the group's server to distribute profiles among their team. Inexpensive client applications will periodically check the share point and update the user's profiles automatically.

World-Wide Profile Management

" (launched at Seybold Boston in 1999) has become a popular source for people seeking device and process profiles." said Steve Upton, president of CHROMiX. "We have found that some printers are reluctant to distribute their profiles due to concerns with keeping profiles updated."

CHROMiX has developed custom versioning tags that can easily be embedded in any ICC profile. In addition, ColorThink 2.0 is now fully integrated with, which allows

  • Embedding of versioning tags
  • Registration of profiles with Profiles can be privately or publicly listed.
  • Uploading of profiles to user-specified share-points on the Internet
  • Client software automatically checks installed profile versions against and alerts user to updates.
  • Profiles can be automatically downloaded and installed on user's system
  • Versioning tags contain update hints instructing users on several different update options

"ColorThink 2.0's integration with our powerful databases removes the quandary printers have faced until now" described Upton. "Printers, photo labs, media manufacturers and other service providers can now distribute their profiles with the confidence that updating them is easy."

ColorThink 2.0 will also help users transition from Mac OS 9 to OS X by moving profiles between OS 9/Classic storage areas and the new profile storage areas offered by Mac OS X.

"We suspect there will be some confusion regarding profile installation, sharing and use within applications as users transition to OS X. ColorThink 2.0 will ease this transition and reduce confusion." said Upton.

CHROMiX will also make available Peek, a free utility that will display profile versions, and link to for updates.

ColorThink 2.0 is expected to enter beta testing within the next 30-40 days and ship shortly after that. CHROMiX is seeking a small number of beta sites for testing of the profile management features. Please contact the company at CCTBeta(at) if you are interested in participating in this program.

Non-Mac OS X features (including OpenGL support) will also be available in a Mac OS 9 version of the software. A Windows version is also under development, but CHROMiX has not set a delivery timeframe.

CHROMiX will be demonstrating ColorThink 1.1 at Seybold Boston 2001 in the GretagMacbeth booth (as well as offering sneak previews of ColorThink 2.0 technology)


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