Curve4 Full Release Ships

Curve4 is shipping!!

To be clear: Curve4.1 is now shipping Curve4's Calibrate Tool is included Curve4's Blend Tool is included Curve4's Verify has a new update and is included

Note: Customers who purchased Curve4 via the Early Bird promo will have already received their license and can download Curve 4.1 any time.

Here is a quick overview of the main Curve4 highlights:

Integrated Measurement Responding to the number one user request, Curve4 now drives the best instruments including X-Rite's i1Pro, iO, iSis, Barbieri's Spectro LFP, Konica Minolta's new FD-9 and Techkon's SpectroDens (Mac-only initially). X-Rite eXact support will follow soon.

Verify Tool

(released Sep. 2016) Has a unique visual interface aimed at print buyers and print professionals alike. It quickly summarizes a printing system?s compliance to the newest G7 Master Pass/Fail Requirements, including Grayscale, Targeted and ColorSpace and SCCA. It also provides Pass/Fail testing of production proofs using standard ISO 12647-7 control strips and exports measured data for G7 Master submission. All current ISO 15339 CRPCs are included along with Idealliance's new XCMYK characterization data, and Curve4 also loads custom color aims. "Verify Tool is a great leave-behind when G7 implementers are gone." explained Steve Upton, President of CHROMiX, "It's easy for customers to perform quick verifications with references set up beforehand by their G7 Expert."

Calibrate Tool

(released today) is the upgrade of the industry's de facto G7 calibration tool, Curve3. New Ink Restriction and predictive color analysis provide pre-calibration that's superior to most RIPs' onboard functions - especially for dye sub and other challenging large format inkjet work. "The new Ink Restrictions mode is a huge asset.", says Scott Martin of Onsight, an active beta tester, "Not only can it be used to determine the optimal ink restrictions for maximum saturation, but it can also be used to determine a neutral 100% CMY patch"

Experienced G7 implementers will love Curve4's streamlined features including "miniP2P" targets, which are much smaller for fast scanning and fit on smaller printing systems. P2Pless calibration operates with non-P2P targets like the IT8.7/4, and tiny ?reCal targets can fine-tune an existing calibration with only a handful of patches that easily fit on a live job.

"Two of the biggest requests from Curve3 users was faster operation and the ability to recalibrate a press without printing a whole P2P target" said HutchColor's Don Hutcheson, creator of G7 and co-author of the G7 Master specification. "Curve4 fulfills that promise."

In addition to G7 calibration, Curve4 calibrates Spot Color printing by the new SCTV method from ISO 20654 and by the TVI method to ISO-standard or custom TVI curves - including ISO 2013 curves.

"For packaging, the ability to calibrate to the new SCTV standard, combined with its other innovations, puts Curve4 ahead of the industry! SCTV is going to simplify and improve the way we print spot color inks, whether for a brand color or 7-color extended gamut printing." said Steve Smiley of SmileyColor & Associates - recently inducted into the FTA Flexo Hall of Fame. "With built-in measuring, fast G7 Master verification, support for CxF and SCTV and all the other new features, I am just overjoyed with Curve4."

Both the Verify and Calibrate tools have greatly-improved full page reports for printing or PDF export.

Blend Tool

(released today) is a new multi-function toolset for modifying and enhancing measured data. It's a great place for measuring multiple press targets and then averaging and smoothing them together, tuning their white and black points and exporting to a variety of file formats. Black point adaptation improves measurements for profiles of uncoated or matte stock, correcting proof-to-press mismatches that have existed for years. Targets can also be merged to create different patch sets or have smaller subsets extracted. It even recreates missing patches, for example creating a P2P target from an IT8. All tools import CMYK ICC profiles as source data and will directly download multiple production measurements from Maxwell, CHROMiX's online color monitoring service. Blended measurements can be exported or uploaded directly to Maxwell for use as custom color aims.

Curve4 manages all files with an easy work list to the left of each tool. Moving between files is fast and they can be organized into client or project folders. CxF and CGATS format measurement files are supported for importing or exporting color data.

Curve4 is available in three license levels: Verify, Calibrate and Complete.

Curve4 Verify is priced at $399, Calibrate is $1,599 and Complete is $2,999 with upgrades available to each level. A Demo mode is available in the free download.

Calibrate Tool with Ink Restriction and miniP2P is enabled by the Calibrate license. VPR, P2Pless, and ?reCal require the Complete license. Blend tool requires the Complete-level license

See below for limited-time bundles with great measurement hardware.

The measurement tools are inherited from our years of development on Maxwell so they are stable and have some great features. One great feature is the newly-introduced MemoryScan function that stores the position of a target (for iO, LFP and KM FD-9) and quickly scans other targets placed in the same position.

For complete Curve4 product and pricing information, go to the Curve4 product pages.

Curve4 Intro Webinar Join CHROMiX and HutchColor for a full overview of Curve4. Don Hutcheson and Steve Upton show the new Curve4 interface and functionalities.

Date: Wednesday May 31st, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm Pacific RSVP:

If you want attend, just simply email us your RSVP Here to be added to the webinar. We'll send you the meeting information.

Curve4 acknowledgements - Thanks are in order:

  • Thanks for your patience (you know who you are).
  • Thanks to past Curve customers who trusted us to purchase a Curve4 Upgrade, in advance!
  • Thanks to new Curve customers who trusted us enough to take the risk of buying Curve4 for the first time, in advance, sight unseen!
  • Thanks to our spectacular group of Curve4 beta testers and their generous time contributions!
  • Thanks to this wonderful and supportive G7 printing market, who appreciates a good, clean piece of G7 calibration software.

Thankfully Curve4 is good. Really, really good.

We hope you enjoy it!