Maxwell MeasureWatch Control

Maxwell MeasureWatch Control

Maxwell has been fully upgraded to support not only the ISO-13655 M-Series of measurement filtration but also scan mode, aperture, measurements-per-patch, measurement speed and contact, backing, instrument calibration standard, instrument make & model, environment sensors (when available) and more.

Implementing support for M-series measurements within a facility can be tricky.

As we add support for capable instruments like the X-Rite eXact and the Barbieri Spectro LFP and Spectropad our customers need to control the aperture, reflective / transmissive scan mode, M-series filtration and other features to ensure each measurement is gathered and recorded correctly. Control features range from intelligent default behaviors - like ensuring that production measurements automatically configure the instrument to match reference colors - to powerful management control - such as locking out instruments that don't provide the required M-series measurements

The new MeasureWatch Control features are free, included with current Maxwell subscription rates. We felt these control capabilities were too important to leave to chance so they're built into every measurement Maxwell makes.

MeasureWatch Control joins MeasureWatch Verify, Maxwell's instrument verification function launched in December 2011. MeasureWatch Verify enables instrument verification and trending by measuring a Color Reference Material target. CRMs including reference measurements can conform to ISO-9001 and reduce the need for expensive instrument re-certification.


CHROMiX will be holding a webinar about MeasureWatch Control and new wireless, seamless Barbieri Spectropad support on April 2nd at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern. Contact Rick Hatmaker at (206) 985-6837 x7 or hatmaker(at) to register.

Maxwell Client software v5 is required to take advantage of MeasureWatch Control, is currently in beta testing and is expected to be released this week.