Announcing MeasureWatch!

Announcing MeasureWatch!

MeasureWatch is a new service of Maxwell specifically for tracking spectrophotometer instrument accuracy, performance and conformance to a standard or with other instruments.

MeasureWatch performs:

  • Pass/Fail reporting
  • custom label printing
  • Trend Analysis
  • Notifications
  • other strong reporting and analysis.

MeasureWatch, combined with a reference Color Reference Material (CRM), is a perfect solution to measure, manage, track and analyze any spectrophotometer within your workflow or enterprise. As mentioned above, the Vogelsong COLORef is the first CRM compatible with MeasureWatch. We expect to introduce other compatible CRM product with MeasureWatch at later dates.

For more information, contact CHROMiX ColorGear Sales at 866-CHROMiX x1 or email