MAXWELL Update: Real-time Print Verification

MAXWELL Update: Real-time Print Verification


ColorShuttle and Maxwell now have real-time Print Verification!! The much-anticipated Pass/Fail feature in Maxwell (implemented via ColorShuttle software) is ready for beta testing.

ColorShuttle 3.2 now provides immediate print verification with Pass/Fail calculations and reporting in the client software itself. This captures the best of both worlds: 1) Immediate feedback (on screen) and reporting (labeling) for measurements AND 2) Longer-term trending, control and notification via Maxwell's centralized, online color Tracks.

We've streamlined the measurement process down to 4 clicks on the Eye-One itself. One to calibrate, two to scan the target lines, and one more to save, verify, label and upload the measurements.

But there's more. We've built a comprehensive sync feature into ColorShuttle that ensures that the metrics and tolerances in ColorShuttle are always correct and the labeling is current as well. You can change the tolerance of Maximum delta-E in Maxwell, for instance, and each copy of ColorShuttle in the field using that reference will use the new numbers for the VERY NEXT measurement. Two clicks in Maxwell and ColorShuttles across the globe immediately obey your command. THAT's power.

Did we mention labels? ColorShuttle uses advanced layout capabilities for its label reporting / printing function. As a result, our labels look better than from any other system available; easily including YOUR logo and other graphics, a constantly expanding set of reporting fields and all the metrics you've specified in Maxwell. Add a metric in Maxwell? No problem. The VERY NEXT label printed will include it, whether it's on the same machine or across the country.

Naturally, for the updates to occur in real time, ColorShuttle must be able to access Maxwell across the Internet. BUT, ColorShuttle continues to perform pass / fail functions and print labels when offline. All measurements are stored in a reliable store-and-forward database and uploaded into Maxwell the next time Internet access is available. This is what we mean by the best of both worlds: reliable client-side measuring and reporting WITH centralized control and aggregate reporting.

There's no other system like it. Period.

Want to try it? Email us at maxwellbetatester(at) and we'll send you a link to the latest beta version of ColorShuttle 3.2. The Mac version is available today, the Windows version is coming soon.

Want to learn more and see it in action? Check out our free Print Verification webinar next Thursday (at) 11 am Pacific time. Email maxwellwebinar(at) to be added to the invite list.

As you can tell, Print Verification in Maxwell is like no other system offered so far. The technology under the hood is comprehensive and we appreciate your patience as we've developed it. We could really use your help testing these new functions so if you have a chance, give it a try and don't forget to use ColorShuttle's or Maxwell's feedback functions to let us know what needs work.

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