CHROMiX Launches Online Color Management System

CHROMiX Launches Online Color Management System

CHROMiX'S Maxwell Poised to Revolutionize Color Management

SEATTLE, WA., Sept. 9, 2007 - CHROMiX, Inc., announces a comprehensive suite of online color tools. Maxwell is a revolutionary new color management system based on a central web-enabled color repository - a system that allows easy upload and download of profiles, color measurements and other color data files - at any time and from any place. Maxwell also offers device trending, color profiling, profile sharing, and measurement services.

Built on a solid foundation of clustered web and database servers, Maxwell imports and exports popular file formats (including Vista's new WCS format), and has a powerful graphing engine for color analysis and device trending. Access to each account is determined by the account administrator for easy sharing across the board - or around the world. "We know our customers wish they could easily achieve reliable and predictable color results without first developing encyclopedic knowledge of color management," says CHROMiX President and Maxwell architect Steve Upton. "Whether a photographer using a small-format photo printer, or a professional print shop that needs to control color on press, anyone who wants to optimize color reproduction can use this service."

Maxwell's Tracks make it easy to monitor devices, pass/fail prints and proofs, and also set up a print performance program for vendors. DisplayWatch automatically tracks calibrated monitors and warns when they no longer meet tolerances or calibration is neglected. Widgets for OSX, Vista, and Apple's iPhone make access easy, and Notifiers alert color managers when something's not right. Maxwell even tracks environment variables like temperature, humidity, and light booth output.

Patent-pending SmartTarget technology enables Maxwell to mix and match profiling and proofing targets with unprecedented flexibility. "One common complaint we hear from our customers is that existing systems make transitioning between target formats or layouts painful and the configuration of new color targets next to impossible." explained Upton. With SmartTarget, Maxwell imports target data and automatically reconciles patch order and shared patch sets. "Basically, target issues simply disappear. Full size IT8 targets can be combined with the new ISO proofing targets and even press bars when trending a system with no configuration required."

Maxwell's web interface is based on modern AJAX & Web 2.0 technologies that streamline data access and reporting and are supported in today's web browsers. It also enables rapid adapting of the system to emerging technologies like Apple's new iPhone, something CHROMiX is showing off in their GraphExpo booth this week. "Color managers can finally track their internal systems as well as their customers' and can do so from any desktop system or even the palm of their hand," said Upton. "Adapting Maxwell for iPhone took only a few hours and is a great demonstration of the technology platform we're launching today. Expect to see more services built on this foundation in the future." CHROMiX is in booth 5147

Pricing and Availability
Maxwell Tracks are available this month at at a variety of subscription levels starting from $50 per month for 10 tracks. Maxwell does not limit access to the system on a per-seat basis. Users control who and how many people can access their color assets. Profiling services will follow next quarter.

CHROMiX, Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide technical services and products to businesses in content-production industries and is a Color Management Group member. We dedicate our efforts to color management and image fidelity, and combine an excellent suite of tools, including its own popular ColorThink products, with years of industry experience. With customers, dealers and partners in over 95 countries, CHROMiX is uniquely qualified to serve the imaging industries. More information is available at

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