CHROMiX Announces ColorCast Technology

Seattle, WA (Sept 7, 2005) - CHROMiX today announced ColorCast, a new color simulation and modeling technology used with ICC color profiles.

ColorCast technology alters ICC profiles by embedding color transformations into normal ICC device profiles. The result is a profile that is usable with any ICC compatible system but contains complex proofing or modeling transformations.

Photoshop, the CS2 suite, Quark and Freehand don't support Hexachrome® or other multicolor printing systems directly. End-users with the need to soft and hard-proof multicolor workflows are faced with the additional expense and confusion of plugins which aren't available for many of the professional publishing or desktop applications people use.

"ColorCast technology is remarkable because, while there is considerable color wizardry going on under the hood, the resulting profile is still a regular ICC-compatible print, scan, or monitor profile." explained CHROMiX president and ColorCast creator Steve Upton. "As a result, soft and hard-proofing of multi-color and abstract profiles is now available in ANY application, print driver or RIP that supports ICC profiles."

Multicolor printing is expanding every year and has seen significant inroads in the packaging industry. One challenge faced by printers is communicating the advantages of multicolor printing to their clients and allowing them to simulate final expected results. ColorCast profiles can be created to capture the effect of a complex multicolor printing system (up to 10 channels) within a client's working space or printer profile. The client can use the profile in a wide variety of applications to simulate final color. Rendering intent choices select the simulated profile's intents, allowing full flexibility.

The technology can also be applied to input and working space profiles. A digital camera profile could be combined with effect or utility profiles increasing contrast or modeling a film type. Working space profiles can combine with abstract profiles to inherit their abilities and still remain standard profiles supported in Photoshop.

ColorCast technology appears in the ColorThink Pro application (also announced today) and may appear in other applications in the future.

ColorCast contains patent-pending technologies and CHROMiX has engaged the firm of Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt ( as their intellectual property representatives.

ColorCast and ColorThink Pro were both announced this week at the Print05 show in Chicago. Drop by booth #8633 for a look or contact Carolyn Boone for an appointment.


CHROMiX was founded in 1998 to provide technical services and products to businesses in content-production industries. We have dedicated our efforts to color management and image fidelity and have combined an excellent suite of tools with many years combined industry experience. We feel we are uniquely qualified to serve our customers. Much of our business takes place in the US but we regularly provide products and services internationally and have customers, dealers and partners in over 95 countries.

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