CHROMiX Assumes ProfileCity Profiling Business

CHROMiX, Inc. and ICS Announce Transfer of Profiling Business Interest

Business Combination Creates Largest, Most Comprehensive Profile Service Worldwide

Seattle, WA; February 11, 2004 – CHROMiX, Inc. and Integrated Color Solutions (ICS) announced today that they have reached an agreement for CHROMiX to assume ICS’s ProfileCity custom profiling service and combine it with their highly successful ColorValet profile building service.

This combination of CHROMiX’s ColorValet and ICS’s ProfileCity services will make CHROMiX the largest, most comprehensive profiling service in the world. "The experienced technical specialists and product developers at CHROMiX are well equipped to support the needs of ProfileCity customers," says Dan Caldwell, Vice President of Operations at ICS. He continued, "When ICS decided to look for a partner to handle the technical services of ProfileCity, CHROMiX was the logical choice. Their parallel business model of providing cost effective profiling via a website makes them the ideal company to assume the ProfileCity business unit of ICS."

"We are pleased to welcome ProfileCity customers and extend to them our unparalleled technical support and 100% print profile guarantee for their future profiles." said Steve Upton, President and CEO of CHROMiX. "Custom profiling is a service business. With dedicated technicians and customized equipment we deliver high-quality, worry free ICC profiles to photographers, fine-art printers, and commercial printers alike."

CHROMiX has profiled such diverse media as ceramic tile, silk, cotton, credit cards, CD’s and even jet airplane interiors. "Most of our profiles are for inkjets, proofing systems and presses" commented Upton "but the unusual materials keep us on our toes and gain us experience we can apply to any color challenge."

ProfileCity services are to be handled by CHROMiX starting immediately and will continue to be delivered using the same profiling technology, ensuring consistency with previous profiles.

CHROMiX, the creator of the popular ColorThink color management software, has long been a leader in the field of custom print, transmissive print, scanner and press profiles. CHROMiX has worked with companies in more than 40 countries for over five years creating the most accurate profiles possible.

ICS will remain focused on the development of the core color management technology used in ProfileCity profiling and in their flagship remote color-proofing product, Remote Director.


Steve Upton
8320 5th Ave NE, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98115