Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition - New!



Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition, Includes: LFPqb Spectral unit, Textile activation, Electrostatic Textile sample holder, frame, 1 sticky mat and Air blowing system.: $16600.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
Electrostatic Textile sample holder with frame and 1 sticky mat Spectro LFP qb (including C5H81 White backing): $1450.00
Textile activation for Spectro LFP qb: $3450.00
Upgrade to air blowing system (S/N below B9030167; needs to be sent to Barbieri Italy; recalibration mandatory not included in price): $1325.00
Sticky mat (for electrostatic textile sample holder C5H80): $290.00
Polarization filter: $820.00
Set of 2 sample holders, includes C5H21 extra heavy/thick materials and C5H22 transparent/thick materials: $685.00
White backing (spare part / consumable; for electrostatic textile sample holder C5H80): $160.00
DOC Activation (software/service): $1380.00
Battery pack for qb spectral unit: $205.00
Calibration and Certification service (by Barbieri): $1180.00
Carrying case: $1325.00
Maxwell MeasureWatch Verify Lifetime (1 inst) + Vogelsong COLORef CRM Target Bundle: $450.00 $300.00
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The new Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition is a special version of regular Spectro LFP qb, especially designed for digital textile printing, including digital dye-sublimation and direct-to-garment printing. Available is a specialized Electrostatic Textile sample holder (with frame and 1 sticky mat).

Image information of the inserted chart will be supplied to the computer for patch recognition. This recognition is handled in Barbieri Gateway software (version 4.5 and newer) and will also be available with supporting RIPs. The patch recognition process detects the center of each patch to be measured and according coordinates are supplied to Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition. As the coordinates of each patch are known, also distorted charts can be measured fully automatically. These automatic measurements, also thanks to the large 8 mm aperture, are most accurate and repeatable.

Furthermore, a new air blowing system inside the measurement head prevents textile fibers to contaminate the optics who will remain clean for many measurements. This air blowing system is integrated also in regular Spectro LFP qb (from S/N B9030167 onwards).

UPGRADE path for existing Spectro LFP qb to Textile Edition

  • Standard upgrade includes:
    • C5H80 Electrostatic Textile sample holder with frame and 1 sticky mat Spectro LFP qb ($ 1,450). Note: Will be sent by courier to customer.
    • C5S07 Textile activation Spectro LFP qb ($ 3,450), Note: TAN code to be sent by email.
    • Gateway version 4.5 (free download at www.barbierielectronic.com)

    Note: Devices older than S/N B9030167 need also the C5S08 Upgrade to air blowing system ($ 1,325). This is recommended but not a must. The device needs to be sent to Barbieri Italy. A recalibration is mandatory which is not included in this price.



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