ZePrA 11 Workflow and Color Management Server software, by ColorLogic



ZePrA Entry Package: $1300.00
ZePrA Basic Package: $4000.00
ZePrA Large Package: $8000.00
ZePrA XLarge Package: $10700.00
ZePrA XXLarge Package: $16000.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
ZePrA Entry 1 Year SMA: $260.00
ZePrA Basic 1 Year SMA: $800.00
ZePrA Large 1 Year SMA: $1600.00
ZePrA XLarge 1 Year SMA: $2140.00
ZePrA XXLarge 1 Year SMA: $3200.00
SmartLink Module: $3250.00
SaveInk Add-on for SmartLink Module: $3150.00
Multithreading Module: $2500.00
Gradation Module: $800.00
Multicolor Module: $7800.00
Spot Color Module: $4500.00
ZePrA 10 Basic-> ZePrA 9 Basic Upgrade: $1300.00
ZePrA 9 Basic-> ZePrA 11 Basic Upgrade: $2500.00
ZePrA 8 Basic -> ZePrA 11 Basic Upgrade: $3600.00
ZePrA 10 L -> ZePrA 11 L Upgrade: $2600.00
ZePrA 9 L -> ZePrA 11 L Upgrade: $4900.00
ZePrA 8 L -> ZePrA 11 L Upgrade: $7200.00
ZePrA 10 XL -> ZePrA 11 XL Upgrade: $3400.00
ZePrA 9 XL -> ZePrA 11 XL Upgrade: $6500.00
ZePrA 8 XL -> ZePrA 11 XL Upgrade: $9700.00
ZePrA 10 XXL -> ZePrA 11 XXL Upgrade: $5100.00
ZePrA 9 XL -> ZePrA 11 XXL Upgrade: $9800.00
ZePrA 8 XL -> ZePrA 11 XXL Upgrade: $14400.00
Exceptions, Volume or Bundled pricing: Contact CHROMiX Sales. See below.: $0.00
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ZePrA 10 is here!

ZePrA Smart Color Server is a full-featured color server that optimizes PDF printing data and image files such as PSD, TIFF and JPEG via DeviceLink profiles. Create customized configurations and queues to automate day-to-day color management tasks. ZePrA's easy-to-use interface simplifies the process of custom color conversions with SmartLink and can be integrated into an existing workflow for immediate results.

ZePrA's high quality color conversion and optimization of CMYK, RGB, Grayscale, Multicolor and ECG printing data is achieved through DeviceLink profiles built on-the-fly, as well as intelligent PDF processing. ZePrA's sophisticated spot color rendering uses state-of-the-art spectral color prediction technology, supports CxF/X-4, and allows production of proofs with high color accuracy. ZePrA even makes it easy to set up several workflows such as color conversion, normalization, saving on ink and proofing with the help of the Auto Setup Wizard.

Check out the latest ZePrA 10 updates and features HERE

Or, check out THIS VIDEO of the NEW ZePrA 10 updates and Features HERE


Notable Features
Many NEW Features in ZePrA 10 including:
  • New automation possibilities and extended CLI
  • New Auto Setup mode Copy and change an existing Configuration
  • Temporary change of the Job-specific configuration settings
  • Native support of the M1 Silicon processor for macOS and support of Windows 11
  • Added new advanced rendering options to ZePrAs SmartLink
  • Improved Best Configuration selection in Spot Color Reports
  • Improved color rendering of screen previews
  • New option to retain subfolders moved into the Input folder
  • Export configurations as XML or JSON files
  • Improved compression methods for images in PDF files

Plus, these standard features and strengths continue:

  • Auto Setup
    • Create workflows with ZePrA's
    • Auto Setup Wizard
  • Overview
    • View queues, pending jobs and processed jobs
  • Configuration
    • View and customize processing settings
  • Queues
    • Manage print jobs
  • Spot Color Report
      Check the accuracy of spot color conversions prior to printing
  • Generate an overall ink saving report
  • Extract ICC Profile
    • Extract ICC Profiles from images and PDF files
  • Spot Color Libraries
    • Manage libraries and edit spot colors
  • Gradations
    • Manage and create tone value correction curves
  • Profile Assignments
    • Use existing or dynamically
  • Save Ink Report


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