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Show The World Your True Colors

Spyder4EXPRESS features a patented, full-spectrum 7-color sensor that can accurately characterize a variety of wide gamut and normal displays. Spyder4Express software lets you use the same sensor to calibrate your monitor, laptop computer, iPad and iPhone. No other calibrator has this capability.


Notable Features
Automated Color Calibration -
Spyder4 EXPRESSs simple, clear and automated process makes it straightforward to calibrate your displays to a reference condition. You can view and edit images with confidence on a display calibrated to show true-to-life colors

Full-spectrum color sensor -
Spyder4 EXPRESSs patented 7-color sensor improves upon colorimeters that use 3-channel RGB sensors. Each Spyder4Express unit is individually tuned in the factory to accurately handle a variety of wide-gamut and normal gamut displays with ease.

Single sensor calibrates all your displays -
Spyder4 EXPRESS works with your desktop or laptop, iPad and even iPhone. It works with LCD, LED, OLED, CRT and other display technologies.

Improved accuracy and stability -
The fourth-generation Spyder4 EXPRESS has double-shielded color filters for an even closer match to CIE color standards and improved long term stability. Average accuracy increased by 26% and consistency between Spyder units has improved 19%.

Installation Requirements:

Windows XP 32/64, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64 MacOS X Panther (10.4), Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7) Color monitor with at least 1024×768 resolution (1024 x 600 netbook option) 24-bit video card Powered USB port