Pantone Formula Scales

Pantone® Formula Scale (2Lb. Capacity) 120v (Replaces PSF2-12L): $2500.00 $2375.00
Pantone® Formula Scale 3 (10Lb. Capacity), 110v: $3450.00 $3285.00
Pantone® Formula Scale 3 (10Lb. Capacity), 220v/50Hz: $3450.00 $3285.00

Mixing the exact amount of a PANTONE color when you need it saves both time and money. Let Pantone ink scales do the job while ensuring correct results. Based on quantity desired, these fully automatic scales calculate the precise weights of the basic color inks for each PANTONE formula. Choose the model that's right for your shop and budget - the 2 lb or the 10 lb model.