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basICColor display6 Pro - 1 Seat, 1 TAN: $329.00
basICColor display6 Pro - 3-Seat Pack, 1 TAN: $939.00
basICColor display6 Pro - 6-Seat Pack, 1 TAN: $1775.00
basICColor display6 Pro - 12-Seat Pack, 1 TAN: $3195.00
basICColor display6 Pro - Site License (100 Seats max), 1 TAN: $8225.00
basICColor display6 Pro - Enterprise License (500 Seats max), 5 TANs: $32900.00


basICColor display 6 Pro has an unprecedented wealth of functions and features, no other monitor calibration/profiling/QC software offers.

Plus, basICColor display 6 Pro is a significant level up from from the basICColor display 6 application, boasting many advanced features for pro users.

Hardware calibration,

  • Supported monitors are hardware-calibrated fully automatically. This guarantees maximum precision for brightness, black level, color temperature and gray balance. Any RGB and CMYK print color spaces can be emulated on suitable monitors using the monitor hardware. This means that color-correct applications can also be used with applications that are not capable of color management (video editing, web design, medical applications, print color preview without conversion to CMYK, etc.).
  • DDC / CI commands can also be used to set monitors that cannot be hardware-calibrated in terms of brightness and (partially) gray balance. This optimizes calibration and profiling.
  • To adapt several monitors to one another or to adapt colorimeters to a reference instrument, the white point on the monitor can be edited under visual and numerical control and stored in a profile.

Quality control

  • In addition to the monitor validation, a color space check can be carried out, which shows in advance of an emulation whether the desired color space can be displayed on the monitor. This can be used to check whether a soft proof is sensible on this monitor.
  • The homogeneity of the monitor is checked and documented according to the applicable standards.
  • With spectrophotometers such as the new MYIRO-1, ambient light, standard light and photographic light can be measured spectrally and evaluated according to standardized quality criteria (CRI, MI, etc.). The measured spectrum is saved and can be used in basICColor input 6 Pro to create profiles for specific lighting situations.

DICOM calibration

  • basICColor display 6 Pro offers calibration according to DICOM guidelines for medical applications, e.g. diagnosis on the monitor. The quality of the calibration and the homogeneity of the monitor are documented in a protocol. Unsuitable monitors are thus recognized and marked as such both during calibration and in the protocol.
  • A supplied WORKFLOW makes the application child's play.

1. White Point Edit

2. Sensor Compare

  • If you want to know how different (or similar) sensors behave on your monitors. Find out about sensor metamerism: Sensor Compare is the right option. basICColor display 6 offers a ready made WORKFLOW for comparing your sensors, e.g. the EIZO Calibration Sensor and an X-Rite i1 Display Pro. After having measured a few patches with the first instrument you can select (if already connected) or connect and select the second (3rd, nth) instrument and continue measuring.

3. Sensor Correlate

  • Closely related to Sensor Compare and White Point Edit is Sensor Correlate. This absolutely unique feature allows you to automatically create correction matrices for all your instruments, ideally based on measurements from a high-end spectrometer like the MYIRO-1. There is a pre-defined WORKFLOW for Sensor Correlation as well. Handling is the same as with Sensor Compare, with the exception that at the end you click a correlate button. This will save the correction matrices monitor/instrument related so that they will be used with any consecutive measurement of this monitor with this instrument.

4. Emulate

  • With basICColor display 6 Pro you can emulate any printing color space  RGB and CMYK  which you have an ICC profile for on your system. The standard version basICColor display 6 allows for emulating monitor profiles and color space profiles (RGB) only.

5. Evaluate

    Evaluate serves 2 different purposes:
  • Evaluate if your monitor is ABLE to Emulate another color space
  • Evaluate if your monitor DOES Emulate another color space correctly

6. Uniformity

  • This allows to validate the uniformity of your monitor in different patterns  Off: No uniformity check
  • coarse: 3x3 patches for a quick overview
  • wide: 5x3 patches for wide format monitors
  • standard: 5x5 patches as defined in the ISO standard

7. Tonal Response

  • Since the perception of the tonal response of your monitor is widely affected by your ambient lighting conditions, Tonal Response allows you to tailor the tonal response curve to your individual situation by setting it to CIECAM.


  • For medical diagnosis a monitor has to be calibrated to DICOM standard and it has to be validated in a different manner.
  • In order to trigger
    • the correct Tonal Response curve
    • the DICOM evaluation of DICOM /GSDF
    • the DICOM specific uniformity check all you have to do is setting the Tonal Response in the Calibrate tab to DICOM.

9. Viewing Light Audit (ISO 3664-2009)

  • The Light tab in basICColor display 6 allows you to check Ambient Light and Viewing Light.


License Notes:

Licensing is described in the documents EN - basICColor Li- censing.pdf and DE - basICColor Lizenzierung.pdf in English and German respectively.

The Pro version will be unlocked with a separate license key (.lic) which  as usual  can be generated with a TAN (TransActionNumber) provided by basICColor.

The TAN can be used only once and will be burnt thereafter (Exception: multiple-license TANs). The TAN comes in 2 types:

  • Upgrade: Holds the Pro feature only and can be licensed to a computer which holds a seat of basICColor display 6 already
  • Full: Holds the key for basICColor display 6 Pro and can be licensed to a computer without a previous display 6 license.

For more information or to talk with a CHROMiX sales expert: Phone (206) 985-6837 ext#1, or Sales//chromix//com.

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basICColor display6 Pro 6-Pack 1 Year Support Agreement: $355.00
basICColor display6 Pro - 12-Pack 1 Year Support Agreement: $640.00
basICColor display6 Pro - Site License 1 Year Support Agreement: $1645.00
basICColor display6 Pro - Enterprise License 1 Year Support Agreement: $6580.00