EFI Fiery XF 7 & 8, New-Upgrades-TradeIns-SMA Renewal

New Fiery XF 7.x Proofing License & 1 YR SMSA. Includes: Fiery XF Server (incl. Spot Color support & FAST RIP), 10 Clients, Color Profiler Option, Color Verifier Option: $2500.00
New Fiery XF 8.x Production License & 1 YR SMSA. Includes: Fiery XF Server (incl. Spot Color support & FAST RIP), 10 Clients, Color Profiler Option, Cut MARKS Option: $2100.00
New Fiery XF Server (incl. Spot Color support & FAST RIP), 10 Clients, Color Profiler Option, Cut SERVER Option: $2100.00


EFI Fiery XF 7

Precise, productive, profitable print production

    Introducing the Fiery® XF 7 digital front end to your wide or superwide print production is the easiest way to achieve superior color results, gain maximum productivity, and profit from business insights  all with the unrivaled power of EFI Fiery Command WorkStation® digital print job management.

    As a digital print producer, you want the easiest route to the best color and print quality, produced in the least amount of time. Operators need a workflow solution that is adaptable to cater for different job types, and allows them to automate repeat jobs and repetitive tasks. In a successful print facility, you need to be able to deploy both your technology and your workforce as flexibly as possible  plus you need to keep learning curves to a minimum. Fiery XF 7 delivers all that and more to your wide and superwide print business.

Unrivaled print job management

    Fiery XF 7 comes with a new user experience  EFI Fiery Command WorkStation, the world's most popular interface for the management, layout, and editing of digital print jobs. It conveniently connects to multiple Fiery servers at a time  whether driving inkjet or cutsheet printers  and connects multiple printers to a single Fiery XF server for truly unified print job management through a single interface. The visual Fiery Job Editor allows you to apply job-specific settings on the fly, or to change properties beyond workflow defaults. The Fiery Job Center delivers unrivaled print job management, with the same power and usability for both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® macOS® users.

Maximum productivity and throughput

    EFIs exclusive Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP), now available for Fiery XF users, accelerates file processing speeds by an average of 5 times. Fiery XF 7 has automation levels to suit everyone, and a customizable interface that can be tailored to suit the way each individual prefers to operate. Its award-winning cross-platform client interface reduces learning curves, and creates production efficiencies in mixed technology print rooms resulting in maximum productivity and throughput.
Ultimate color, quality and control
    Proof-grade color controls and verification mean industry standard compliant color results  no matter the application or product being produced. 100% EFI-developed color management using ICC technology, combined with sophisticated iterative spot and process color optimization routines deliver superior color. Its screening algorithms are engineered to maximize both print quality and printer performance, providing ultimate color, quality and control, in the least amount of time.

Business-savvy print production

    Fiery XF 7 maximizes print production profits by providing business insights, and keeps your print operation running smoothly and efficiently. Fiery servers are the central hub of the EFI ecosystem connecting to EFIs MIS or Web-to-Print systems for print room integration and automation. Combined with EFIs worldwide and world-class support; this results in the most business-savvy digital front end solutions available.

and IMPORTANT Changes with the release of Fiery XF version 7

  • The Fiery XF server for macOS has been discontinued, the Fiery XF server is now Windows® only, Fiery Command WorkStation continues to support macOS and Windows platforms
  • Toner and laser printers will no longer be supported in version 7
The following product options will be discontinued at the launch of Fiery XF 7
  • OneBit Option
  • Softproof Option
  • Printer Option OKI 
  • Printer Option KIP  Fiery Option
The following options will no longer be purchasable with Fiery XF 7, but will continue to work as before after upgrading earlier versions to version 7
  • File Export Option 
  • Print & Cut Option (now part of the regular Printer Option M, XL, or XXL) 
  • Spot Color Option (now part of all configurations)
The following printer options have changes applied
  • Printer Option XXL now also drives XL, and M printers 
  • Printer Option XL now also drives M printers
The following manufacturer-restricted printer drivers will not function in Fiery XF 7, and additional printer driver will need to be purchased to continue support for these bundled printers
  • Epson X900 Output Option (part of the Epson ColorProof XF and EPSON 4900/7900/9900 printer bundle) 
  • Canon 24 Output Option (part of the Canon ColorProof XF and Canon iPF printer bundle)

Final comments about v7:

    Fiery XF 7 is free of charge to all Fiery proServer and Fiery XF customers with their Fiery software covered under an EFI SMSA or ESP agreement. Version 7 requires an LAC (License Activation Code) to be activated. An LAC will be automatically created for entitled SMSA/ESP customers, and available through the Fiery XF 7 user interface after installation. Users need their existing dongle during the migration to version 7. The Fiery XF dongle is of no use afterwards due to the software-only protection that version 7 benefits from.

    Customers not covered by one of these agreements need to purchase version 7 as an upgrade. EFI Inkjet Solutions customers can purchase an ESP software agreement to receive this upgrade.


Ordering Notes


    Customers automatically receive 1 YR SMSA, but can order a multiple year SMSA with any Fiery XF full version, upgrade or trade-in version license.
    When ordering, customer must supply:
    • a) the Dongle ID of Edition products from 1.0-4.2, Colorproof eXpress 3.5 or eXpress 4.1 -4.6.x or the EAC in case of Designer Edition v5.1 dongle less version OR
    • b) the Dongle ID of the Best 5.0.1 product OR
    • c) information about the competitive product, i.e. product name, version and release code.
    You should also note: EFI processes your TradeIn order, holds back the invoice for 30 days until the return of the dongle (if any) / serial number and program CD. EFI simultaneously releases the shipment of the Fiery XF software. If EFI receives the returned dongle (if any) and program CD within 30 days, EFI invoices the trade-in to the regular trade in price. If EFI receives the returned dongle (if any) and program CD after 30 days, EFI invoices the trade-in for the full version price.
LACs and EAC license issues:
    CHROMiX places your order for an upgrade at EFI specifying the Dongle ID of the Fiery XF product. EFI is going to create LACs matching the EAC licenses associated to that dongle ID and informs CHROMiX once the process is completed. The end user can then install Fiery XF 7, plug in the dongle ID and will be able to activate the LACs associated to that dongle ID.


    A variety of EFI-sponsored and non-EFI sponsored training options are available, both remote and onsite. Ask CHROMiX Sales for a quote with options for your needs.

Any Questions? Speak to your CHROMiX sales expert at 206-985-6837 Ext#1, or send an email at Sales//chromix//com

System requirements

    Fiery XF 7 server (Windows® only):
    • Software
      • 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 R2, or Server 2012 and 2016
      • Processor: Quad Core CPU with 2 GHz+
      • 16 GB or more of RAM
      • 300 GB of available hard drive space

    Fiery Command WorkStation macOS®

      • macOS 10.10, 11, 12, or 13
      • Processor: Multicore Intel® processor
      • 4 GB of RAM, more recommended
      • 7 GB of available hard drive space
      • 1600 x 900 display

    Fiery Command WorkStation Windows®

    • Software
      • 32- or 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or Server 2008 R2
      • 64-bit version of Server 2012 and newer
      • Processor: Pentium 4, 1 GHz or faster processor
      • 1 GB of RAM, more recommended
      • 16 GB of available hard drive space
      • 1600 x 900 display

For the latest System Compatibility Matrix, GO HERE.

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
Upgrade Fiery XF 5.0-7.x to 8.x x Upgrade & 1 YR SMSA: $1900.00
Trade-In EFI eXpress, Colorproof or Fiery XF (<5.0) to any Fiery XF 8x Configuration (choose from above). Includes 1 YR SMSA. You will receive a 20% DISCOUNT to be applied once verified. Include this $0.00 item in your order: $0.00
Fiery XF 1 YR SMSA Renewal: $800.00