Barometer Sensor by Vernier

Barometer Sensor (Includes Go!Link USB interface): $166.00 $165.00

The Barometer Sensor by Vernier is a low cost and reliable sensor that can be used to measure, record and monitor atmospheric pressure while connected to a Maxwell hosted computer. The Barometer includes the compatible Go!Link USB sensor interface to connect to your computers USB port.

Barometer Sensor and Go!Link combined are a perfect fit with Maxwell to record and monitor barometric pressure in an environment that is close to normal atmospheric pressure. CHROMiX has tested and approved both Barometer Sensor and Go!Link USB sensor interface for use only with Maxwell Client v5.x and newer.

Barometer Sensor Specifications:
  • Sensing Element: SenSym SDX15A4
  • Pressure Range (as shipped): 0.8 to 1.05 atm (25 to 31.5 in of Hg)
  • Maximum pressure that the sensor can tolerate without permanent damage: 2.04 atm or 61 in of Hg
  • Sensitivity: 436 mV/in of Hg to 13.06 V/atm.
  • Resolution: 1.0026 X 10-4 atm (0.003 in of Hg) (LabQuest 2, LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, Go!Link, LabPro)
  • Combined Linearity and Hysteresis: Typical ±0.1% full scale, maximum ±0.5% full scale
  • Response Time: 100 microseconds

Go!Link Specifications:

  • USB specification: 1.1
  • Maximum sample rate:
    • Computer: 200 samples per second
    • Mac, Win or Chromebook: 10 samples per second
  • Resolution: 12 bit