JUST LED ColorControl, adJUST software

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JUST Normlichts LED technology has achieved the ability, for the first time, to control the properties of LEDs with consideration of all the issues. A complex multilevel calibration procedure is conducted that calibrates each single LED light source and stores the spectral properties in the units electronic controls. This process is unique and therefore has a patent filed for by JUST Normlicht.

The multilevel calibration is divided into the basic factory calibration and permanent online-calibration during operation without using an external metrological device. The LED Viewing Booth is effectively self-controlling its operating conditions and is adjusting the light result with a very high frequency (> 100Hz) permanently and invisibly to the human eye. The JUST LED technology is not only exceeding the conventional Standardized Lighting Technology in light quality, but is now for the first time able to replicate a tremendous color space with the highest quality. A second advantage of the JUST LED technology is a lifetime of at least 10 times longer than that of the traditional fluorescent lamp technique. This means not only stable, unchanging quality of light over a very long time period but also a high savings for replacement lamps over the life of a JUST LED Viewing Booth. Another advantage to keep in mind is the environmental benefit of the LED technology. By not using mercury and only a very little amount of phosphors, which are both major components of fluorescent lamps, the LED Technology reduces the amount of hazardous waste being disposed of in our landfills across the globe.

Benefits of JUST LED Technology:
-near-perfect replication light sources like D50, D65, D75, A, TL 84
- simulation of optical brightener agents by providing the required UV content
- free selection of light spectra out of color space bigger than sRGB
- stable conditions by a unique calibration method
- more than 10 times longer lifetime compare to fluorescence lamps
- no mercury

LED colorControl Viewer - Perfect visual color control of proof and print
part# 96909
The LED colorControl exceeds the quality criteria of the traditional standardized lighting technology and provides a full color space for the selection of any required lighting situation. JUST LED-Technology  Your advantage!
Illuminant D50 (incl. UV), D50 (UV cut) and D65 in »Basic« version,
with luminance control
Perfect simulation of any standard illuminant: D50, D65, D75, A, CWF or TL84 etc.*
Controlled UV content for recognition of optical brightening agents
Independent selection of color temperature or chromaticity coordinates
Unique LED calibration method (Pat. Pend.)
Lighted area cm: 24 1/2*17 3/4
Outside dim. cm: 26 3/4*23*14 3/4

LED Color Viewing Light - Precise evaluation of colors and materials
part# 96891
Designed for confident evaluations of colors, surfaces and materials in the textile, plastics, automotive and furniture industries the JUST LED Color Viewing Light provides a perfectly controlled lighting environment for the visual comparison of an original and production sample. JUST LED-Technology  Your advantage!
Illuminant D65, TL 84 (CWF) and A in »Basic« version,
with luminance control
Perfect simulation of any standard illuminant: D50, D65, D75, A , CWF or
TL84 etc.
Controlled UV content for recognition of fluorescence (OBA´s)
Independent selection of color temperature or chromaticity coordinates
Unique LED calibration method (Pat.Pend.)
Worksurface cm: 251/2 x 15 x 141/4"
Outside dim. cm: 26 3/4x20 1/2x16 3/4

LEDcontrol Advanced Software
part# 96917
Software for creating and selecting additional light sources in the available color space.
Note: newly created light sources cannot be stored

LEDcontrol Professional Software
part# 96925
Software for unlimited creaton of new light sources. New light sources can be saved to computer and up to 10 illuminants can be programmed into the viewing booth for manual selection with the built in control panel. The programmed illuminants can be replaced at any time.

JUST Normlicht viewing products conform to ISO 3664-2009

NEW POLICY effective 8/1/12: CHROMiX no longer sells light booth and viewer products internationally. Sales will be limited to USA lower 48 states only.

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