Maxwell Digital PressWatch solutions

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Maxwell Digital PressWatch VERIFY: per press, per month, subscription service: $40.00
Maxwell Digital PressWatch AUTO-ROUTING (includes Verify functionality): per press, per month, subscription service: $50.00
Maxwell Digital PressWatch HEAT-MAP (incls Verify+Auto-Routing functionality): per press, per month, subscription service.: $85.00

Digital PressWatch VERIFY

  • Includes all standard Maxwell functionalities, including but not limited to:
    • Maxwell centralized cloud repository & administrative color management system
    • Maxwell Client software (Mac or Win) for Administrator and Operator levels
    • Unlimited Tracks per each subscribing press device
    • Unlimited reporting, including in-line Pass/Fail, Summary, MultiDimensional
    • Compatible with i1Pro1/2, i1iO Table, iSis, Barbieri LFT RT
    • Tracks, Color Sets, Notifiers and much more
    • Unlimited users, devices, measurements, etc.
    • DashBoard SOON!

Digital PressWatch AUTO-ROUTING

  • Includes ALL features and capabilities in Verify above
  • "Feed and fly" measuring when read from an iSis
    • Automated target recognition
    • Automated target appropriate routing
  • As close to zero-config as possible

Digital PressWatch HEAT-MAP

  • Includes ALL features and capabilities in Verify and Auto-Routing above
  • At-a-glance instant visual error detection
  • Full page visual Cross-sheet problem diagnostics

Note: Pricing listed is for quantity 1. Call for quantity pricing.

Digital PressWATCH HEAT-MAP, Maxwell's Killer Feature

In a 2008 study of digital presses in the field, RIT determined that the three most common customer complaints dealt with uniformity problems: streaking, grain banding, lack of smooth gradation, etc.

Maxwell Digital Presswatch HEAT-MAP identifies and uncovers these problems early in the process. Maxwell is the first and only system to use this innovative and powerful tool!

Digital PressWatch HEAT-MAP combines full-page diagnostics and automated measurement routing with standard Maxwell features like notifications, multi-dimensional reporting and multi-user web browser access. This combination creates a unique tool allowing press operators rapid target scanning and at-a-glance diagnostics.

The new TargetView graphic and other QC results are available for immediate press-side reporting as well as online within Maxwell.

The TargetView function provides a visually intuitive 'heat map' view which allows a press operator to quickly and easily see any errors across the printed sheet. With a a quick glance at the heat map, the pressman can easily identify a press problem and usually the source of the problem. Once a problem is identified, corrective action can quickly be taken earlier than any other method available, thereby saving time and money.

Digital PressWatch HEAT-MAP utilizes cross-sheet measurement capability and the speed of the iSis for fast and easy press target sheet feeds.

Digital PressWatch HEAT-MAP also takes advantage of the iSis' integrated barcode reader. Maxwell employs job and equipment meta data encoded in the target's barcode to automatically route measurements into the correct Track. When the iSis is in AutoScan mode, operators simply feed in the target and Maxwell will automatically download the information required to scan the target. It's seamless and comes very close to zero-config on the client end.

  • - Quicker and Easier error detection
  • - Determining benchmarks for the entire fleet of digital presses
  • - Gauging end of life of a digital press
  • - Saving consumables
  • - Avoiding downtime
  • - Avoiding reprints
  • - Help sustain operating nearer 100%
  • - Customer satisfaction

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