ColorChecker Display Calibrators

Calibrite Display Pro HL*: $289.00
Calibrite Display Plus HL*: $339.00
Calibrite Display SL*: $179.00

A new era in display measurement technology is here!

Introducing the Display Plus HL, Display Pro HL and Display SL: three brand-new colour calibration devices for all laptops, monitors and displays. Experience ground-breaking technology backed by decades of display and colour science research.

Display Plus HL

    Precision calibration for demanding creatives with the latest display technology The only calibration device to measure up to 10,000 nits! With the Display Plus HL, youll get the most advanced display calibration for the full gamut potential of all mini-LED, OLED, and Apple XDR panels available, as the advanced HL (high luminance) sensor enables greater colour accuracy for current and emerging super-bright display technologies. Display Plus HL covers broadcast video standards NTSC, PAL SECAM and ITU-R Rec.709, as well as BT.1886 tone curve for Rec.2020  the standard for HDTV. Perfect for high-end filmmaking, editing, design, photography and more.

Display Pro HL

    Professional calibration for demanding creatives The new standard in display calibration devices that measures up to 3,000 nits. The advanced HL (high luminance) sensor enables greater colour accuracy and luminance range for current and new display technologies, accurately measuring LCD, mini-LED, OLED displays and Apple XDR panels. Display Pro HL covers broadcast video standards NTSC, PAL SECAM and ITU-R Rec.709 for video support. Perfect for photographers and digital artists using advanced photo editing displays.

Display SL

    Display calibration made easy A simple-to-use display calibration device that ensures the colour on your LCD is accurate. It now measures up to 1,000 nits with an improved advanced SL (standard luminance) sensor for calibrating and profiling SDR (standard dynamic range) monitors. Perfect for amateur photographers or those new to colour management.

    All three devices feature a USB-C connection, guaranteeing seamless compatibility with modern computer connections, and come with a USB-A adapter to accommodate legacy devices. A convenient storage/carry pouch comes with each device, for easy access wherever, whenever.

Feature-rich software

    Calibrite PROFILER software supports the three brand-new devices, achieving up to 30% faster calibration than previous software. It offers completely customisable features for the new Plus HL and Pro HL devices, where users can take precise control of White Point, Luminance, Contrast Ratio and Gamma, making the most of the new HL sensors.

*NOTE: There is an additional $25 fee charged on each Calibrite ColorChecker Display product order for Drop Shipping. This is assessed by Calibrite and passed on through CHROMiX to the customer. Please consider this before ordering. -

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