Reflective 5x7 Scanner IT8 Recalibration

5x7 IT8 Recalibration: $50.00

Are you concerned your IT8 target does not match it's data file?

Targets age and develop color shifts. Kodak's own batch calibration allows a delta E of 10!


To start your color management workflow with that level of error is unacceptable. Using our GretagMacbeth Spectrophotometer we read each target individually. This results in a much more accurate target for building scanner and camera profiles.

Just send us your target, we will recalibrate it a send it right back along with a new TDF (target data file).

This service is currently only available with reflective targets. Pricing is for the IT8 5x7 target, send us a note if you want us to read custom targets or if you require transmissive target readings.


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