ColorChecker targets

ColorChecker Classic: $85.00
ColorChecker Classic Nano: $189.00
Custom White Balance Card: $55.00
ColorChecker 18% Gray Balance: $45.00
ColorChecker Custom 3-Step Grayscale Card: $65.00
OBC Mask for ColorChecker PROOF: $38.00
ColorChecker PROOF: $99.00 $97.50

The Macbeth ColorChecker is the traditional standard for visual and measuring reference.

This target is available in the "standard" size only.

Also, the gray patches on the ColorChecker are considered some of the most neutral available - more neutral than most Kodak targets. For gray balance on digital cameras, this target is a must-have.

The White Balance card is a full-size version of the white reference square on the standard ColorChecker. This white is scientifically engineered to provide a precise, uniform surface that is spectrally neutral in all types of light conditions.

The Custom Grayscale card is an 8/5 x 11", spectrally neutral three-step grayscale card engineered to provide quick studio lighting balancing. This card is used to quickly determine the maximum lighting ratio for the fill and main lights in the studio.

Shown above: Grayscale Card

ColorChecker Classic Nano (NEW)

Photo Color Control from Capture to Edit

  • Replaces the X-Rite ColorChecker Nano (MSCCEXTMN).
  • A standard 24-patch ColorChecker color accurate target for all macro situations
  • Ideal for creating tonal separation in small or closeup projects
  • Can be used with the ColorChecker Camera Calibration software to create ACR or ICC profiles


*NOTE: There is an additional $25 fee charged on each Calibrite ColorChecker product order for Drop Shipping. This is assessed by Calibrite and passed on through CHROMiX to the customer. Please consider this before ordering.


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Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
GrafiLite Color Viewing Lamp: $119.00