Pantone Color Viewing Lights



Color Viewing Light, 3 light sources: $1099.00 $1049.00
Color Viewing Light, 5 light sources: $1599.00 $1549.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
Replacement Bulbs for Pantone 3 Light Viewer: $135.00
Replacement Bulbs for Pantone 5 Light Viewer: $199.00 $195.00
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Understand the effects different lighting conditions have on your color choices. Pantone offers two options to suit your needs. The three-light model allows you to preview colors under simulated daylight, fluorescent or incandescent lighting. The five-light model simulates two daylight sources, fluorescent, incandenscent and ultraviolet lighting conditions.

The five-light model is pictured at right.


Notable Features
  • 5 or 3 standardized light sources
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Service hour meter
  • Metameric-free and reflection-free viewing surface
  • Interior reflection system

Usable Space of both boxes: 66 x 36 cm

Outside dimensions of 5 light source box: 68 x 42 x 51 cm

Outside dimensions of 3 light source box: 68 x 42 x 46 cm

JUST Normlicht viewing products conform to ISO 3664-2009

NEW POLICY effective 8/1/12: CHROMiX no longer sells light booth and viewer products internationally. Sales will be limited to USA lower 48 states only.