ZePrA 6 Workflow and Color Management Server software, by ColorLogic



ZePrA 6.x Entry package: Pixel file support only: JPEG/TIFF/PSD/PSB file conversion and RGB/CMYK/Gray/LAB color space support: $1300.00
ZePrA 6.x Basic package: adds PDF and Spot conversions, plus Zepra command line control and flattening: $3900.00
ZePrA 6.x Large package: adds PDF, Flattening, CLI, Pixel file support, SmartLink, Gradation, Multithreading. Includes CoPrA L SP: $7800.00
ZePrA 6.x XLarge package: adds SaveInk Add-on to SmartLink to Large package. Includes CoPrA XL SP: $10400.00
ZePrA 6.x XXLarge package: adds SaveInk Add-on for SmartLink, Multicolor and Spot color to Large package. Includes CoPrA XXL SP: $14300.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
ZePrA 6 Entry 1 Year Software maintenance Contract: $260.00
ZePrA 6 Basic 1 Year Software maintenance Contract: $780.00
ZePrA 6 Large 1 Year Software maintenance Contract: $1560.00
ZePrA 6 XLarge 1 Year Software maintenance Contract: $2080.00
ZePrA 6 XXLarge 1 Year Software maintenance Contract: $2860.00
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Zepra v6

Zepra v6 is a Smart Color Server and Automation tool. ZePrA can be integrated into an existing workflow for immediate results. ZePrAs easy-to-use interface simplifies the process of creating custom DeviceLinks with SmartLink for any workflow. Since automated color management often requires extensive configurations, especially with the complexity of todays PDF files, ZePrA features tools to simplify, duplicate and modify configurations and queues for typical tasks in day-to-day production work.

What is new in ZePrA 6?

While ZePrA 5 focused on an increase in production speed, ZePrA 6 introduces new features to broaden the versatility of this color server once again. ZePrA 6 now offers a connection to the cloud services of PantoneLIVE and allows to improve the conversion of spot colors to process colors by iteration. Especially power users will enjoy the new note, search and filter functions.


ZePrA version 6.1 available May 9, 2018

ZePrA v6.1 update added features and fixed some bugs:

  • The manual import of spot color rules in the Configuration/Spot Colors table no longer requires measurement values and is now also possible if only device values are available in the file to be imported (Named Color ICC profile, CGATS file or ZePrAs own CCF format). This allows adjustments of the device values for spot colors without the need to provide measurement data (no target Lab or spectral values required).
  • Now the Automatic Import feature supports Named Color ICC profiles and loads them as Spot Color Libraries.
  • When saving the spot color report the default file name now includes the data source and the configuration name rather than only the generic name SpotColorReport.
  • The added ability to save the adjusted Lab values based on the target profile of the configuration either as a CGATS or CxF file from the Spot Color Report feature. This allows creation of a custom EG process library for the configuration and library specified in the report, just as Pantone publishes a Pantone EG process library (and swatch set) for a fixed print condition.
  • Update of the CrossXColor profiling engine. ZePrA 6.1 now uses the same engine as the recently released CoPrA 5. This allows application of the new features introduced in CoPrA 5 such as improved ink savings, new gray balance modifications, used channel functions and additional Multicolor features  see details on our CoPrA 5 online help webpage. In addition ZePrA 6.1 recognizes the new CoPrA 5 version  when installed on the same computer  and will share presets with CoPrA 5. Older CoPrA versions can then no longer share presets with ZePrA.
  • Support of basICColor Devil Demo-Profiles with Demo and NFR licenses.

  • All other v6.1 bug fixes and updates are explained/listed in the Online Help at: http://onlinehelp.colorlogic.de/en/what-new/


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    Notable Features
    Major new features introduced in ZePrA 6
    • Connection to PantoneLIVE
    • Iteration of Spot Color Conversions  Improved Management of Spot Color Libraries
    • Notes for Queues and Configurations
    • Search and Filter Function for Queues and Processed Jobs  Changes for Exporting Spot Color Libraries
    • Cleaning up Processed Jobs
    • New Event Log dialog  Expansion of the CLI for the Export and Import of Configurations

    Supporting Information

    System Requirements

    • Mac OSX: 10.7 or later  (Intel only) Windows: 64 bit only  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    Whats Included
    • ZePrA L package and above include CoPrA. Hardware key (dongle) or Computer based licensing.
    Supported Files types
    • PDF/X-1a, X-3, X-4, X-5n, TIFF, PSD, JPEG
    Enfocus Switch Partner
    • Integrate ZePrA with Enfocus Switch for optimal color conversions for production.

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